Kitt Peak, Arizona
May 13, 2006

Bonnie and I are members of the Old Pueblo Miata Club, located here in Tucson.  This is an unusual automobile club in that the emphasis is on get-togethers and travel, rather than maintaining and improving our Miata sports cars.  Because of this, there are about as many women as men members.  If you'd like to learn more about the OPMC, click on either of the two preceding links or on the following club graphic.

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Kitt Peak is located about 62 miles southwest of our Tucson home.  The peak is best known for being the home of the largest group of observatories in the world.  Click here if you'd like to learn more about this interesting mountain and all the telescopes. 

There were a total of 13 Miata's on the Kitt Peak "chili sampling" trip (everyone cooked their favorite chili recipe for other members to sample).  Depending on the time of the day and the elevation, the temperature ranged from about 80F to 100F degrees, which meant that it was very comfortable on the mountain but hot driving through the desert.  The following are 20 of the best of the 116 pictures that were taken by Bonnie and I . . . enjoy!

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We met at Reid Park prior to starting off.
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Here we are at the Kitt Peak picnic pavilion, sampling each other's chili.
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Bonnie loves chili!  :)
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The telescopes are at 6,900 feet above sea level, about 1,000 feet higher than the picnic pavilion and 4,900 feet higher than Tucson.

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Kitt Peak has 23 optical and 2 radio telescopes, making it the largest observatory in the world!
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This is one of the many optical telescopes.
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This is an indoor photograph (no flash) of one of the optical telescopes.

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One of the 2 radio telescopes.
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Views from Kitt Peak.

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The roads are twisty in the mountains . . .
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. . . and mostly straight in the desert!
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Happy chili samplers!  :)  That's Bonnie standing in the center (with the fanny pack) and Bill behind her and to the left.  Note that this picture was taken by OPMC member Hartmut Meyer.

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Here is all 13 Miata's, the club members who went on the picnic, and some of the telescopes in the background.

You may use any of the above pictures for any purpose and may do so without giving me credit.  Note that these pictures have been downsized for those with slow connection speeds.  If you'd like copies of the original JPG pictures, send me an E-mail telling me which pictures you want and I'll be happy to send the original pictures to you at no charge!

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