Sonora Desert Museum
July 24, 2004

On the map to the right, both the red and yellow areas are all part of the Sonora Desert, with the "Arizona Upland" (yellow) part of the map depicting the mountainous regions of the desert.

The Sonora Desert Museum is located about 20 miles west of our Tucson home.  It is a large attraction, and it would take many, many visits to see everything.  Likewise, the photos below represent a small cross-section of the many sights that can be seen at the museum.  Note that all of the plants and animals we saw are native to the overall Sonora Desert, rather than to just to the Tucson part of the desert.

If you want to learn more about the Sonora Desert Museum, click here to see the museum's web page.  Additionally,  you can look up "Sonora Desert Museum" using any Internet search engine and you will find thousands of links providing a wealth of both additional information and photographs!

We hope you enjoy our pictures!

Map of the Sonora Desert





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Cholla cactus.

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Crested saguaro, very unusual, maybe one out of 1,000 plants grow like this!

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Saguaro "skeleton".
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Organ pipe cactus.
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Palo verde tree.
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Agave flower.
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Three views from museum towards the west.

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Barn owl.
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Bad hair day!  :)
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Mexican wolf, very rare!

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Day of the iguana?

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Prairie dogs ~ this GREAT picture was taken by Bill's nephew Luke Gray!

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The cactus queen!
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Phew ~ it's nice to be sitting in the shade again!  :)

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