Sedona, Arizona Vacation
May 10 ~ 12, 2017

Way back in 1992, Bonnie and I passed through Sedona during a business trip.  Unfortunately, our timetable didn't allow us more than an hour of sightseeing before we had to continue on our trip.  Better late than never ~ it's 25 years later and we decided it was time for a more lengthy trip to this beautiful location.

We arrived in Sedona later in the day on May 10 and had only enough time for a quick drive around the town before the sun had set.  But before leaving our Tucson home, we had signed up for the "Scenic Sedona Tour" through Viator (A TripAdvisor Company).  Our guide was David Reed, who arrived the next morning at 8:00 AM and spent the next 4 hours showing us the sights and telling us about Sedona's history.  Not too shabby, since this was supposed to be a 2.5 hour tour.  Dave was an outstanding guide . . . highly recommended!

The remainder of the day was spent driving around town and shopping for souvenirs in the many Sedona shops.  The morning of the 12th we got up early and enjoyed the motel's free breakfast.  We then hit the road just before 7:00 AM and were back home before noon.

The weather was mostly clear during our visit but there was a light haze in the air.  This was probably Arizona's famous dust with which we're very familiar living in AZ ourselves!  :)  In any event, please note that some of the pictures are showing this haze.

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This was our transportation, a 2017 Miata GT convertible which had less than 200 miles on the odometer before the trip.  Note that the car got 37.1 MPG, which is the highest gas mileage I've ever gotten with any other car!

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Welcome to Sedona!
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This is our tour guide Dave with Bonnie.
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Sedona lovebirds!  :)
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The next 23 pictures are of various rock formations surrounding the town.
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Very beautiful church, both inside and out!

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The view of Holy Cross from a lower road.
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Entrance to the church.
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That's Bonnie inside the church.
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Cactus flowers were in bloom everywhere.

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This guy posed for us!  :)
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Nice location for a house!
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This was the most spectacular house we saw in Sedona.  Definitely impressive but not what anyone would call "Sedona architecture".
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At one time, this was Lucille Ball's house.  The mannequin in the lower right balcony is wearing the costume worn by Lucy in the episode "The Chocolate Factory".

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We also took a drive up Oak Creek Canyon toward Flagstaff.  The Oak Creek Vista point is one of the more scenic stops along the way.
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The road as you see in this picture is a  typical Oak Creek Canyon switchback road.
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