Our New Spa
Delivered:  April 21, 2008

When we purchased our Tucson home in early 2004, there was a 1998 Dimension One spa (Madrid model) in the back yard.  There were a number of problems with this unit, and when some of these problems became chronic, we decided to replace it with a new 2008 Coleman spa (model 461).  The following photographs are the best of many pictures that were taken during and after the delivery . . . enjoy!

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The spa was too big to fit in our gate, so a crane was needed to lift it over a wall!
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This is considered a "small" crane, capable of lifting 17,000 lbs. with the crane fully extended.  This machine won't even break a sweat lifting a 600 lb. spa!  :)

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The workers are preparing the old spa for removal.
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The old spa is ready to go.
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But first they move the new spa into the back yard.

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Now that the new spa is delivered, it's time to remove the old spa.

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Loading it onto a trailer.
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Ready to go.
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The new spa has been unpacked ~ the delivery fellows are now moving it onto our flagstone slab using a single dolly. These guys are strong!

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It's in its final resting place.  Now is the time to finalize assembly, hook up electric connections, and add water.
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The installers were going to leave a run of PVC on top of the flagstone.  I chipped a trench into the flagstone while the delivery was in progress with the intention of finalizing the job later.

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A few days later I ran the 240 volt line through PVC, then used silicone sealer to insure that water would not later seep into the ground.
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The job is done. I kept the cement wet for 2 days hoping that the cement would cure perfectly, but Tucson's heat and low humidity still formed two tiny cracks.  :(
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The spa is ready for use!
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This shows how the top support works.  Removing the top is now a 1-handed operation for 1 person.
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The spa with 1 of its 2 pumps set to low speed.  This new spa is great ~ going from the old spa to this one was like going from a barely functioning Ford Pinto to a new Cadillac!  :)


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