Taliesin West
October 26, 2013

For my 69th birthday, Bonnie and I decided to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's western home and architectural school Taliesin West, located in Scottsdale, Arizona about 130 miles north of our Tucson home.  The architecture was fabulous and very contemporary by 2013 standards, which is amazing considering the place was designed and built in 1937!  We took the "Insight" tour, which lasted 90 minutes and was very entertaining as well as informative.  Should you ever be in the Phoenix area, we can highly recommend that you visit Taliesin West.

We hope you enjoy our photographs!

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This and the following 20 pictures were all taken outdoors.

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The view from Taliesin West.
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This is actually a sculpture of a lady rather than of a dragon's head, can you see her?

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This and the following 10 pictures were all taken indoors.  This picture is the "garden room", which our tour guide also called the living room.

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The furniture in Taliesin West was all designed and built by FLW and/or his associates.
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A bust of FLW.
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A lounge.
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FLW's wife's bedroom.
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FLW's bedroom.  He would sleep on one side or the other of the partition depending on the weather and time of day or night.

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More of FLW's bedroom.
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The theater.

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The meeting room.

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