Tucson, Arizona
House Hunting Trip 2
January 6-10, 2004

We left Florida early Tuesday morning, the 6th of January, 2004 and arrived at our Tucson motel at about 3:00 PM.  The rest of the day was spent checking out local real estate listings, reading novels, and eating at an all-you-can-eat buffet at a wonderful local Chinese restaurant named "New China".  All day Wednesday and Thursday was spent looking at houses, Friday we did paperwork, then attended a 2 hour home inspection of our potential new home.

Note the following, which is not in any particular order:

The pictures below are of the 18 houses we viewed, as well as 13 different pictures taken in or near the property we ultimately purchased . . . enjoy!

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Bonnie is making last minute preparations prior to our viewing houses!

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Day 1
#1 ~ $412,750.
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#2 ~ $365,000.
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#3 ~ $279,900.
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#4 ~ $319,000.
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Cactus blooming in front of #4.
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$5 ~ $379,900.
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#6 ~ $375,000, 3,700 square feet!
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#7 ~ $424,000.  This house was our 1st choice.  We made an offer of $400,000, and as of 2/20/04 we became the new owners! 

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 The preceding picture, this one, and the next 11 photos were taken in and around home #7.

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View of the northwest corner of the house.
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Cactus growing in the NW corner of the 1/2 acre lot.
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House directly across the street ~ the people in this neighborhood seem to take pride in their properties!

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Mountains to the north.
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Diagonally across the street is 12.56 acres of authentic Indian ruins dating from the late 1300's!
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The property includes a 2,020 sq. ft. main house and a 947 sq. ft. guest house.  This double door leads from the street, between the houses, to the back yard.

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The other side of the double door.
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Spa and ramada.
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Bonnie with Linda Nelson ~ the selling agent and a new friend of ours.
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Bonnie with the listing agent, Joan Caruso.  Note that Joan lives directly next door to #7.
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Bonnie likes this home!  Note that this fireplace, as well as the one in the casita, both work by remote control.

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#8 ~ $349,500.
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Seen up the hill from #8.  If you're asking how much it cost, you can't afford it!  :)
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#9 ~ $399,000.
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#10 ~ $370,000.
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#11 ~ $285,000.
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View from the front of #11.

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#12 ~ $399,000.
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I accidentally backed into a cactus similar to this ~ it took hours to pick the needles out of my legs!

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That was the end of our real estate viewing for the day ~ Bonnie is making plans for day 2!

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Day 2
#13 ~ $419,000.
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#14 ~ $295,000. This was a nice home, but there was a busy intersection behind the back yard.

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#15 ~ $399,000.
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#16 ~ $259,000.
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#17 ~ $309,900.  This was a very nice house!  If our purchase on #7 had fallen through, we would have made an offer on this one.

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#18 ~ $379,900.  Another nice home, but the high tension power lines were too close to the back yard.

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