1990 & 1993 Mazda Miatas

The red Miata is a 1990 "A Package" model which I purchased in early 1990, immediately after the San Diego dealers stopped charging the $4,000 premium fee (additional fee added to the MSRP!).  The black Miata is their 1993 Limited Edition model which came with a removable hardtop, red leather interior, CD player and a massive speaker system.  Unfortunately, the CD player skipped when the car ran over the smallest pebble, but overall the car was very nice.  We had to sell it in 1994 when I retired, since at that same time we purchased and moved to a cattle ranch in southern Missouri!

The below photo is my only photograph of either of these cars ~ the picture is a scan of a 3.5" x 5.0" snapshot:

1990 & 1993 Mazda Miatas

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