Bill's 2013 Miata (MX-5) PRHT GT
Purchased:  July 2, 2021

Although I purchased this car 15 months before posting this webpage, I'm only just getting around to taking pictures and creating a web page.

This car is my 6th Miata, in order here's a brief history of these cars:

1.  1990 "A" package
        I've always liked sports cars.  The first time I heard about the Miata, I knew that this was the right car for me.  Sold it 3 years later to purchase the LE Miata.
2.  1993 Limited Edition
       This is the same link as #1.  I sold this car when we purchased a cattle ranch in Missouri and bought 2 pickup trucks.  Sold both trucks when we decided to retire to Florida. 
3.  1997 M-Edition
        Having been without a Miata for a few years and now living in Florida, this was a no-brainer.  We drove this car for many years, then sold it in 2006.
4.  2005 Mazdaspeed
        I was offered a good deal on a new and rare factory supercharged Miata.  Sold it a few years later to buy a 2013 Corvette.  I was not impressed with the Corvette and sold it after one year.
5.  2017 MX-5 GT
        After the Corvette I couldn't wait to get another Miata!  But then 2 years later I sold it and began my search for a PRHT.
6.  2013 PRHT
        The Power Retractable Hard Top (PRHT) is IMO the finest option ever offered by Mazda for the Miata.

Once I learned more about the PRHT, I decided to purchase one.   The only requirements were that the car:

- is a PRHT (duh).  Check the 2017 MX-5 GT link for details as to why I decided against the RF model. 
- has low mileage.
- is a GT model.
- has standard 6-speed transmission.
- has a red exterior and black interior.
- is in outstanding condition.

It should be noted that I did find "almost" the exact car I wanted locally, but the exception to my list was that it had an automatic transmission.  I drove it and found that it was "sluggish" compared to my previous stick shift cars, so this was the last time I would ever consider an automatic!

I knew I'd never be able to find exactly what I wanted locally, so I spent a long time studying nationwide ads in and  Ultimately in CarGurus I found what looked like the perfect car for me at a dealership in Bryan, Texas (988 miles from our home in Tucson, AZ).  After discussing the details with the salesman, I gave the dealership my credit card information as a deposit and flew out the next day to look at the car.  It was beautiful, so I closed the deal and the next day began an enjoyable 2-day drive west in my new toy.  It should be noted that when I purchased the car it had only 11,129 miles on the odometer, which I believe was unusually low for any 9-year old car!  Of course I then added another 1,000 miles to that total!  :)

I recently mentioned to my local Mazda salesman that if they ever offered a new PRHT Miata (not an RF), I'd buy it.  If not, this should be my last Miata!  :)  I also checked Google to see if there was another current sports car which offered a fully removable power hardtop.  I found only one ~ the Ferrari California which lists new from $325K and up, too rich my "beer budget"!

The following pictures were taken during during October and November, 2022 . . . enjoy!

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Click to see 2013miata01Resized.jpg
This vanity plate was available, so I immediately purchased it.
Click to see 2013miata02Resized.jpg
Arizona does not require a front license plate.  But since the license mounts were permanently attached to the car, I decided to use them.

Click to see 2013miata03Resized.jpg
Top up pictures.
Click to see 2013miata04Resized.jpg
As I type this information the car is now 10-years old, looks pretty good, doesn't it?
Click to see 2013miata05Resized.jpg
Click to see 2013miata06Resized.jpg
Click to see 2013miata07Resized.jpg
Click to see 2013miata08Resized.jpg
I lowered the top about halfway for this and the next picture.

Click to see 2013miata09Resized.jpg
Click to see 2013miata10Resized.jpg
Top down.
Click to see 2013miata11Resized.jpg
Click to see 2013miata12Resized.jpg
Click to see 2013miata13Resized.jpg
The quality of the finish is amazing!  My wife told me the cactus reflection on the hood looks like something by Salvador Dali.

Click to see 2013miata14Resized.jpg  
Leather seats, very comfortable.
Click to see 2013miata15Resized.jpg
Click to see 2013miata16Resized.jpg
No trunk space is lost when you lower the top!
Click to see 2013miata17Resized.jpg  
I replaced the original radio with a Sony XAV-AX5500 digital multimedia receiver.  This was a BIG job for me but well worth the effort.

Click to see 2013miata18Resized.jpg
Click to see 2013miata19Resized.jpg
I'd prefer polished chrome wheels, but these wheels are OK.
Click to see 2013miata20Resized.jpg
This is the original Bose radio that came with the car ~ amazingly poor quality stereo music!  :(
Click to see 2013miata21Resized.jpg
As well as outstanding music quality, the Sony unit gave me an improved GPS navigator view, a backup camera, and the capability of listening to my USB music library of 4,650(+) titles!

Click to see PRHT_Top_Opening.mp4
I don't have a video camera and this is not my car.   I "borrowed" someone else's video to show exactly how the PRHT lowers and stows the top.


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