Bill's 2017 Miata (MX-5) GT
Purchased:  April 19, 2017

Firstly, why do we have the MX-5 in parenthesis in the title above?  This is because in the United States this sports car is known as a Miata, whereas in most of the rest of the world it is known as an MX-5.  Since the Internet is international, I decided to use both names in the title.

For the 13 months before purchasing the Miata, we owned a 2013 Corvette.  A number of people have asked why we would swap this magnificent sports car for a Miata.  Here's our reasoning:

Good things about the Corvette:
     - It was beautiful.
     - It was fast.
     - It was luxurious.
     - It was extremely comfortable on long trips ~ actually it was the most comfortable car we've ever owned!

Bad things about the Corvette:
     - It was extremely powerful (436 HP), so much so that at any speed when stepping hard on the accelerator I found it difficult to control the car.
     - It sat only 4" off the ground.  This was so low that it was virtually impossible to drive without hitting low obstructions, including the curb at the end of our driveway!
     - It was the longest sports car I've ever driven, which substantially reduced its maneuverability, especially on switchback roads. 
     - It was a very expensive car, both to purchase and to maintain.
     - It had extremely sensitive steering, so much so that oversteering, especially when accelerating could cause the driver to lose control, sending the car into a spin.
     - Between the expense, the sensitive steering and the fear of dinging the car, my wife would not drive it!

Also, we'd rather drive fast in a slow car vs. slow in a fast car!  :)

As you can see from the above, the Corvette was largely a disappointment for us, thereby making the decision to sell an easy one.

My wife and I had owned four other Miatas in the past:  a 1990 "A" package, a 1993 Limited Edition, a 1997 M-Edition and a 2005 Mazdaspeed.  We both had put many happy miles on all these Miatas, so it was a no-brainer to get another.

We started off by selling the Corvette for only $2,500 less than we had paid a year ago.  The car sold quickly, which isn't too unusual for a sports car during the spring months.  :)  During the sale process we also did our homework to determine which of the three models we wanted, finally deciding on the Grand Touring (GT) model.  We then went to the nearest Mazda dealership where we told the salesman precisely what we wanted in a Miata (model, color, transmission, RF or convertible, etc.).  The salesman found our car in another city and had it trucked to Tucson.  With the money from selling the Corvette, we were able to pay cash for the Miata and bank an additional $9K . . . we were happy campers!  :)

The only difficult part of deciding which Miata to purchase was whether or not to get the Retractable Fastback (RF) model as shown below:

The decision to buy the Miata with the electrically operated RF top or the convertible was a tough one, especially considering the RF looks great in our favorite color (Soul Red)!  Ultimately we decided on the convertible, because when the RF top is removed you are left with a "targa" top (open sky above the driver, rear sides still in place).  We owned a targa in the past and did not care for it for these reasons:
     - At highway speeds with the top open with targa cars, there is a booming noise coming from the rear of the vehicle.  We never found a way to eliminate this booming, nor has any other targa owner that we know of.  Although the RF rear window is down when the top is removed, we've still read posts by owners complaining about this problem.  One would think that eliminating the rear window when the top is down would resolve the issue, but this hasn't been the case.
     - The RF option increased the cost of the Miata by about 10%.
     - We personally don't get that "driving in a convertible" feeling in a top down targa car.  It's more like driving with a sunroof.

The following pictures were mostly taken during our first two months of ownership . . . enjoy!


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Top down.

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I was lucky finding that this "vanity" license plate was available in my state.
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Top up.
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A heavy canvas top with a glass back window.  This is a VERY NICE convertible top!

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Mazda calls this wheel color "blackened silver".  I like the silver but not so much the black!
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I installed a 2" rimless blindspot mirror.  Note that the blindspot indicators on the Miata mirror are not obscured.
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I replaced the 16" factory radio antenna with this "Stubby" antenna.  This new antenna is cosmetic only and won't function as well as the original antenna with both AM and FM reception.  But this is not a problem as we only listen to music from satellite radio or our own USB drives.

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Satellite radio antenna.
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In a nutshell, SkyActiv gives the car more HP while improving gas mileage.  This technology works well with the Miata.
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Mazda calls this color Soul Red.  It is a reddish color with tiny metallic flakes deeply embedded in the paint.  This is about as good a photograph as I could get with my bargain camera.

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This is the best instrumentation layout I've seen in any of my Miatas!
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Most of the mileage was from a trip we took to Sedona a few weeks ago.  Note that we got 37.1 MPG on that trip!

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Decent climate controls for a sports car!
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Cruise controls.
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The Miata originally did NOT include a backup camera.  I purchased a unit from a Mexican manufacturer and did the install myself.
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The little nub at the top center of the license plate is the camera.  You can see that the license plate is not obscured by the addition of this device.  The squiggles down the center of the plate is Arizona's idea of security.  Very nice . . . NOT!

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Preparing to put the car away for the night.
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On the wall behind the car, you can see the battery tender.
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The battery tender is for use when the weather is particularly cold and/or when the car won't be used for long periods of time.
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Southern Arizona's desert dust is insidious!  Because of this I'll always cover the car when it's not in use, both indoors and outdoors.

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I never liked the original blackened silver wheels.  So, April 2, 2019 I replaced them with bright chrome wheels.  This looks WAY better to me!

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What do you think?

You may use any of the above pictures for any purpose and may do so without giving me credit.  Note that these pictures have been downsized for those with slow connection speeds.  If you'd like copies of the original JPG pictures, send me an E-mail telling me which pictures you want and I'll be happy to send the original pictures to you at no charge!

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