Cozumel, Mexico
December 3, 2002

Cozumel is a little island off the eastern coast of Yucatan, just south of Cancun.  For our side trip here, we chose a catamaran ride which was to take us to a reef for 45 minutes of snorkeling, to a beach for a couple of hours of relaxation, then to the port for shopping and sightseeing.  Since my camera was not made for underwater work, no reef pictures are included.

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We're on the way.

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Beautiful water!

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Views of cozumel from offshore.

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Looking back at the port, our ship is in front.

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Another "cat".

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This is how we got from the boat to the beach.

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Sign at the beach.
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At a little food stand on the beach.

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Catching a few rays.
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The rest of the photos were taken at the port.

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Our ship is the one in  back.


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