Ocho Rios, Jamaica
December 6, 2002

Our last stop was Ocho Rios, Jamaica, located on the north coast about midway between the east and west coasts of the island.  The ship offered many tours, but just about all of them included a visit to Dunn's River Falls on the coast.  Bill had been in Jamaica in the early 1970's and knew a little about the country.  He said that it would be a more meaningful visit for us if we toured inland up into the mountains.  With this in mind, for our side trip we chose the Bob Marley tour.  Although neither of us knew anything about Bob Marley, we knew that this tour would take us about 15 miles inland and to an elevation of 2,000 feet.

We joined the tour at the port and left early in the morning.  The road heading inland was winding and very narrow most of the way.  Many times cars would approach the bus and there would not be room for the two vehicles to pass each other.  Since the rule of the road was "the smaller car backs up", we always waited while the vehicle in front of us gave way.  Along the way we saw Fern Gully Forest, the one which inspired a Disney movie.  Additionally, we were treated to views of rural Jamaica that the normal "cruise tourist" will never see!

The tour took us to Bob Marley's boyhood home, where he was also later interred (more about Bob Marley in the next paragraph).  From there, we headed back to the ship via a different route.  On the way, we stopped at a small restaurant where we were treated to Jamaican donuts, rice with beans, fried pork, and jerk chicken with a hot sauce that brought tears to our eyes!  From there we were taken back to the port for sightseeing, shopping, and ultimately our departure.

Note that neither of us knew anything about Bob Marley before this tour.  Since we were treated to Bob's music and stories about his life during the entire 6-hour duration of the trip, we now have a fairly good understanding of the man and his music.  For everything you ever wanted to know about Bob, click here.  Note that Bob Marley died of cancer in 1981 at the age of 36.  In his short life he became what Life Magazine called "The most important musician of the latter half of the 20th century".  Listen to his music, learn about the man and what he represented, and you'll be a better person for the experience!

This page is dedicated to Bob Marley and the wonderful and friendly island people in Jamaica.  We hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Pictures taken in the port.

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The Paradise.

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Starting our bus tour.

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The bus.

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We drew a LOT of attention cruising around the island.

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Bonnie, Quarry the bus tour guide, and Alan the bus driver.

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Pictures on the inside of the bus.

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Bob Marley song lyrics in the bus.

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Anyone want a smoke?

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Rasta woman!

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Photos taken out the bus window as we were traveling.

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The wall was to reinforce a collapsed road.
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Yams growing in front.
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Gates to the Bob Marley boyhood home and mausoleum.

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Views from Bob's place, it was raining.

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Old cistern and water collection field.

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Bob's house.

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Outdoor kitchen.

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Bob's pillow, he wrote about this in a song.

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The chapel where Bob's crypt lies ~ no photography was allowed inside.

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"Legend" was released about 10 years after Bob died ~ it has since gone platinum!

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Yah mon!
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Rasta man with Rasta hat.

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Small shopping mall back in the port.

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Ex. Rasta woman.
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Bob Marley statue in the shopping mall.

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Our ship behind Bonnie.

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Loading the very last passenger onto the ship.

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Casting off.

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Waving goodbye.

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Farewell to Jamaica, our last stop of the cruise.


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