Bill & Bonnie's Mexican Cruise
February 12 ~ 20, 2006

We booked a "Mexican Riviera" cruise using the Carnival Cruise Lines web page.  Our itinerary was as follows:

Feb. 12 San Diego Mexican Riviera cruise map.
Feb. 13 At sea
Feb. 14 At sea
Feb. 15 Acapulco
Feb. 16 Zihuatanejo & Ixtapa
Feb. 17 Manzanillo
Feb. 18 At sea
Feb. 19 At sea
Feb. 20 San Diego

We sailed on the Carnival's Spirit.  If you'd like to read more about Carnival, their trips, or the Spirit, click here.  There were 124 photographs added to our web site from a total of 636 taken during the cruise.  The web photos are broken down as follows: Cruise (36), Acapulco (32), Zihuatanejo & Ixtapa (28), and Manzanillo (28).

The following pictures were all taken at the Port of San Diego or in and around the ship.  Above and at the end of this page are links that will take you to the rest of the pictures ~ enjoy!

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The first 12 pictures were taken around the Port of San Diego.
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At the time of our trip we owned 2 sports cars, so we had to rent a car to carry all our luggage.  The little blue car in the center of the picture was our rental.

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This picture is North Island (the north end of Coronado Island).  The tower is part of the building where I worked during 1982-83.
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The Star of India.
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Anthony's Fish House.
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The rest of the pictures on this page were taken on or around our ship.

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This was our cabin.

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We had a balcony!
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We found one of these towel critters in our cabin each night after dinner.

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Bonnie hard at work, trying to figure out which gold necklace to purchase!  :)

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The atrium through the middle of the ship, complete with glass elevators.
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We had reggae music on the top deck every day at noon.
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Another cruise ship, going the other way.
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The next 3 pictures are of a great sunset ~ the pictures were taken from our balcony on the last evening of our cruise!

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You may use any of the above pictures for any purpose and may do so without giving me credit.  Note that these pictures have been downsized for those with slow connection speeds.  If you'd like copies of the original JPG pictures, send me an E-mail telling me which pictures you want and I'll be happy to send the original pictures to you at no charge!

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