Manzanillo, Mexico
February 17, 2006

Manzanillo is a small town in west-central Mexico.  Because Manzanillo is strictly a port town devoted entirely to import/export ~ there is really nothing here for the tourist.  For our side trip we chose the "Colonial Tour", which took us about 125 KM to downtown Colima, then to the La Campana Archeological site, and lastly to the 500-year old village of Comala.

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Cruising into port.

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As these pictures show, there is really nothing here for the tourist.

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Our tour was guided by Roberto (at the right) and his driver Luis.

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The museum photographed from the inner court.

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Artist's rendition of the 1820 Mexican Revolution.  This picture was in the Colima state Governor's Palace.

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The 1910 Mexican Revolution.
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Our tour group actually went into the Governor's office.
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Interesting building!
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We were told that every city in Mexico has a main park with a gazebo in the center.
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Colorfully dressed school children.
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La Campana Archeological site ~ the pyramids date back to the 1st century!
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La Campana was discovered in 1992 ~ only 1% of the pyramids have been restored.
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Pyramids are built low ~ this area has frequent earthquakes, as well as being less than 20 miles from 2 volcanoes, 1 of which is active . . .

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. . . but unfortunately the weather was too hazy to photograph the volcanoes.  :(

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I'm not sure what this is, maybe a fossil?
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Bill holding up one of the pyramids.  :)
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We stopped in Comala for lunch, then went back to the ship.

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Church in Comala.

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