Bonnie & Bill Mullin's Mexico & Hawaii Cruise
Mazatlán, Mexico ~ November 22, 2015


Mazatlán is a quiet little town on the Pacific coast of Mexico.  For those looking for a completely relaxing vacation, Mazatlán can't be beat!


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Our first sighting of
Mazatlán.  Note the building on top of the cliff.

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Here it is again.

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Our land tour, "Going Topless in Mazatlán".

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That's Bonnie going topless!  :)

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We just liked the sign!  :)

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If buildings sometimed look a little cockeyed, it's because they are!

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A cliff diver, duh!  :)

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We were told that this was the biggest grocery chain in Mexico.

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Colorful shipping between buildings . . .

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. . . we got our hats there.

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Bonnie and Senior Frog.

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