Bonnie & Bill Mullin's Mexico & Hawaii Cruise
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ~ November 23, 2015


A nice looking town and a great land tour.  Bill even enjoyed the Tequila factory tour and he is not a drinker!  The tour guide started our tour by telling us that later we'd see the biggest donation center in all of Mexico.  Of course we were all expecting to see a large Goodwill store.  Every 10 minutes or so he reminded us that it would not be long before we got to the biggest donation center in all of Mexico.  When we passed the casino, he pointed at it and said, "There is the biggest donation center in all of Mexico"!  I think from then through the end of time Bonnie and I will refer to all casinos as donation centers!  :D


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The first 5 pictures were taken as the ship came into port.

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Our guide for the land tour.

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We won't be climbing this wall any time soon!

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The teauila factory guide ~ a great sense of humor.  What tequila is the best Tequila?  The one that is free!  :)

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Nice view of the coastline at Puerto Vallarta.
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We just liked the sign!  :)
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Mexico's "Day of the Dead" was a few weeks earlier.

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