Barcelona ~ Montserrat
September 25, 2017

We had signed up for the Barcelona/Montserrat tour.  What this meant was that we rode a very modern bus through Barcelona where the guide pointed out interesting sights which we viewed while in motion.  We took a number of photographs, but they turned out poorly and were deleted.

Montserrat is a religions enclave located about 25 miles from Barcelona.  The structures were very interesting and the scenery was spectacular.  Montserrat is a VERY popular Spanish tourist attraction, as we found out as we were leaving ~ there were miles of cars waiting for parking spaces!

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Scenery around Montserrat.

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That is one very steep tram!  Unfortunately there wasn't time for us to take a trip to the top of the mountain.

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Do you see the little building at the lower right of the picture?

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This is it.
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There was just enough time for us to have a "Cafe American" before returning to the ship.

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As mentioned above ~ there were miles of cars waiting for parking spots.  We had avoided these lines by arriving early in the morning.

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Pictures taken through the bus window on our return trip. 
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We never got tired of seeing the umbrella trees!  :)

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