Cannes ~ Nice
September 23, 2017

In Cannes, we took pictures from the ship as we were docking, then took a bus from the port to town.  For the first hour or so there was a light drizzle falling, but nothing that required rain gear.  After spending a few hours walking around Cannes, we boarded a small train which took us to Nice and to the top of the mountains overlooking the city.

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Pictures taken from the ship.

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Pictures taken during our walking tour of Cannes.

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Amazing . . . there are 4 people showing in this picture, 3 seem to be transfixed by their smartphones!  :(

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Every European city we visit had narrow streets like this one.

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This was our ride to Nice.
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First we walked around the beaches.
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Then we took pictures from the mountains overlooking the city.

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