Dock Work

Florida sun and salt is hard on wood, therefore docks have to be cleaned and re-stained every 18 months or so.  Additionally, there is a sea worm that is now out of control and eats dock posts!  Currently, the only protection against these worms is to have the posts scraped clean, then covered with sheets of heavy PVC plastic.  The last week of March, 2002, I had all of this work done.  Unfortunately the photos don't do an adequate job of showing the huge difference between the dock before and after the effort, but they do a nice job of showing how the work is done and exactly what our dock looks like.  Enjoy!

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Before any work was done.

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First, power wash the dock.

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Scrape, then wrap the posts.

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Driving nails in the water is hard work!

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Applying the stain.

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Our windsock.


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