Florida Everglades
July 12, 2001

The Florida Everglades are actually scattered over a major part of the state, with the best-known and wildest portions being in the southern end of Florida.   The part that we visited was about 90 miles south of us.  After an easy drive to the tour location, we got out of the car and were immediately attacked by every kind of blood-sucking insect known to man!  We ran into the tour office, purchased an overpriced container of insect spray, and covered ourselves from head-to-foot.  This solved the problem and kept us relatively bug-free for the remainder of our trip.

Bill had previously visited the 'glades in the early part of the 1970's, and mentioned that he saw no alligators during this visit.  This trip we saw hundreds, proving that declaring an animal to be "endangered", then protecting it can save the species!

These are the best of the pictures from that trip.

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We arrive.

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Wow, there's a lot of alligators in the Everglades!

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This is a 12-footer.

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Happy campers.

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Polly wants a cracker.

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Mangroves and water bird.
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Scenes from "Gone Fishing" and "Miami Vice" were filmed here.

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Everglades flowers.

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Raccoon family.

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Wild emu.

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Bonnie looking for souvenirs.

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This guy was right next to where we had parked our car.

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Air plant.

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Wild pigs.

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Tour guide taking foolish chances for tips!

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Tossing a marshmallow into the gator's mouth.

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Good boy (girl?).

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We're back home ~ life is good!  :)


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