Our Fishing Trip
October 24, 2002

Bill's birthday is October 26th, so in 2002 as a sort of present to him, we took a fishing trip to a location about 20 miles off the coast of SW Florida   The weather was perfect, but the fishing was only mediocre.  We both caught lots of pan-size fish which were filleted for us by the crew, but the big fish seemed to be hiding that day.  Bill caught a 19" grouper, but unfortunately Florida law limits grouper "keepers" to a minimum of 20", so back it went into the Gulf of Mexico.  Bonnie caught one that was only slightly smaller, but it also had to be released.  When we returned home, we were amazed to find that we had caught as many smaller fish as we had ~ the filets made two full meals for both of us, and they tasted wonderful!

The following are the best of the many pictures we took that day.

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We arrive.

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Our boat.

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Pictures taken from the boat while still at the dock.

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We're on the way.

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The bridge to Sanibel Island.

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Sanibel lighthouse.

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Bill's 19" grouper.

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Here's a happy camper!

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What a cutie pie!

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Time to cut down on the Twinkies and eat more fish!

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