Tree Work

Our Cape Coral house came with some of the nicest queen palm trees we'd ever seen.   One of them was approximately 45' tall, which was very interesting considering that queen palms in SW Florida seldom grow more than 20' or so, and generally don't thrive in Florida's heat.  We later heard from a number of sources that this was the biggest queen palm in all of Cape Coral!

Unfortunately, Sept., 2001 brought tropical storm Gabriella.  After being battered by 75 MPH winds, the tree now tilted about 15 degrees towards the south.   Once a palm tree this size leans, it WILL come down.  So we hired a tree service to remove the tree before it could fall and do any damage to our property.   This work was performed September 24, 2001.  Following the removal of the palm, Bonnie and I purchased and planted a baby royal palm.  Royal's in SW Florida can live to be over 100 years old and grow to 50' or more, as well as both looking like and being as strong as concrete.

We hope you enjoy the pictures.

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The tree service starts working.

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He's w-a-y up there!

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First he cuts the top branches off.

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Then he cut trunk sections from the top.

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Lowering sections to the ground.

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Almost there.

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Our new royal.

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14 months later, looks like the tree is a happy camper.  Note the new house next door!

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