Miscellaneous Photos

These photographs were taken at various times from the year 2001 through the current date.  They are arranged more or less in the order they were taken, but are of no special subject.  We hope you enjoy them.

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Photos from here on were taken in Cape Coral, Florida.  One day we saw this 10 footer cruising past our dock!

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Neighbor's house.
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Same house, picture taken from the same spot, 10X optical telephoto.
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Same house, picture taken from the same spot, 27X digital telephoto.
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Bonnie, the famous "super model".
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10/26/02 ~ Bill's 58th birthday.
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The brakes locked on our 1994 Explorer, we had it taken to the local Ford dealer for repairs.

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Our wonderful neighbors, Horst and Christine Laufenburg, with Bob!
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This is Horst and Christine's house.
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Horst out for a stroll ~ he's definitely not camera shy!

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11/16/02 ~ 5" of rain in 3 hours!
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Halloween, 2002.
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Our friend Larry!
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Neighbor's house, storm coming in.

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Same house at sunset.
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Bonnie made these "mouse houses".
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My 1998 BMW Z3, since sold.
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This little raccoon made a MESS of our lawn!  We captured and relocated him to a nearby forest.

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Our 18' Searay, since sold.
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Our 23' Sea Fox, also sold.
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Florida sea shells.
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Florida often has great sunrises & sunsets!

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Across the canal from us, preparing to build a new house.

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Christmas, 2001.
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Horst & Christine's house, Christmas, 2001.
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Christmas, 2002.

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Christmas, 2003.
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Photos from here on were taken in Arizona.  As part of a landscaping project we had a old palo verde tree removed.

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Bonnie & Bob watching the tree removal effort.
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Bonnie, Bill's sister Pat, and 3 of her boys.  This photo was taken at Boot Hill, Tombstone, Arizona.

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We had this poster made in Tombstone.
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Christmas, 2004.
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Air National Guard jet being serviced.
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This cactus garden is on our property!
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This building is in Tucson.  Great looking architecturally, but why build it out of iron?

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This sign is in front of the rusty building.
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Relaxing after work.  :)
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I saw this fellow out back one evening!
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Halloween, 2005.
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In November, 2005 I took my BMW to the local drag strip.
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That's me getting the green light.
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It's difficult to read the numbers on the sign ~ it says that I ran the quarter mile at 98.95 MPH in 14.572 seconds, not too bad for a beginner!  :)

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Bonnie's 2006 family reunion.  Left to right standing are Jim Ikola, Roger Maxfield, Joanne Haukland, Bonnie Mullin, and Bill Mullin.  Seated are Pixie Ikola, Dale Haukland, and Carol Rice.

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Notice the great reunion embroidery which was done by my sister Pat Gray.
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Bob & Bonnie.
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This is the entire reunion group.  I like the way the mountain at the right is lighted!
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Standing left to right are Carol Rice, her son Scott, and her daughter-in-law Tawny.  Seated is her grandson Austin.

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This picture was taken at the Titan Museum.
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This tall cactus was demolished by a rare desert snow storm in January, 2007!
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Killer bees swarming in a tree on our property.  Note that these insects are NOT a problem ~ their bad reputation was created by the media!

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Coyotes are very shy ~ this picture took a lot of patience and a 12X telephoto lens!
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Christmas, 2006.
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I "planted" this wagon wheel ~ thought it looked more like the desert than a fountain which had been here earlier.
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Hybrid cactus.
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This is an octopus agave which is blooming.  It looks great, but unfortunately the new flower stalk will kill the mother plant!

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The octopus agave in bloom.
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Close-up of the octopus agave flowsers, including more killer bees.
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This is a blue agave blooming.  Would you believe that this flower stalk . . .
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. . . became this!!  Unfortunately, this stalk will kill the mother plant.
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Bonnie enjoying the sun.
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Bonnie in her 1997 M-Edition Miata and Bill in his 2005 Mazdaspeed MX-5.

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Christmas, 2007 ~ our last Christmas with Bob.  :(
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A neighbor's cactus flowers.
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Our largest saguaro blooming.
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A desert spoon blooming.
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The desert spoon's bloom up close, including killer bees!

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One day we stepped out in our front yard and saw this!
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Our new dog, Brownie, napping with Bonnie.
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Brownie napping with our tenant Bill Gore.
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Brownie working on her tan.  :)
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A happy camper!
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Over the years we put 40 cubic yards of new gravel over our old/thin gravel.  This was all done with hand tools!

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You can see the new gravel in this picture.
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During the winter of 2010-2011, this desert oak took terrible damage from three days of 15oF temperatures.

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A tree crew cleaning up the tree.
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What a mess!
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I asked for a LOT to be taken off and was happy with the result.  As long as we don't have another killer winter, this tree should be fine.

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Desert sunset.
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 For a short time we owned a motor scooter.
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For a longer time we owned a Honda VT750C.
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Our new car, a 2012 Toyota RAV4 V6 purchased in November, 2012.
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I did not care for the original RAV4 wheels so replaced them with these.

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Bisbee copper mine tour.
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1/2 pound of copper we purchased at the Bisbee copper mine.
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This was on a sidewalk in Bisbee!
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We added beige slats to this chain link fence.
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This fence replaced a very old hedge on our property.
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Bonnie just retired and is enjoying her leisure time!  :)

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Brownie and friend.

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