QQSL for DOS - a retired QSL label program.


NEW PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT!  QuickWAS . . . if you have an interest in the ARRL WAS awards, you'll like this program!  Click here to view the QuickWAS web page.


QQSL was a DOS QSL label program which is no longer of any value in today's Windows world, therefore it has been retired!  If you're interested in a QSL label program designed exclusively for Windows, click here and take a look at BV by DF3CB.  I have not tested it, but have been told that it is a comprehensive and FREE QSL label program.  The only other files I have which might be useful to ham radio operators are the two below . . . enjoy!

Free Downloads

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HamRadioIcons.zip Click the file name at the left to download my collection of 116 ham radio icons for Windows.  There are many more ham icons out there, but I've saved only my favorites.  If you have any you think I should add to this set, please pass them along and I'll include them - tnx!


Click the file name at the left to download my screen saver.  Most screen savers nowadays don't do much except display pretty pictures.  But this one is actually useful, since it gives you both a clock and a calendar ~ with many options.

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Photo Album

Click the link at the left if you'd like to see my photo album.  Note that there are no ham radio pictures, but there are many interesting photographs taken around the USA, in the Caribbean, Mexico, and in 1967 Vietnam.

Guest House  Click the link at the left if you're interested in renting a vacation guest house in Tucson, Arizona.

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