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Do you you enjoy chasing QSO's with the 50 United States towards the various ARRL WAS awards?  If so, did you know that there are 2 WAS certificates and 30 different WAS endorsement stickers which are awarded by the ARRL?  Additionally, many modes and bands can be combined for new endorsements, resulting in virtually an unlimited number of awards for the avid state chaser.  Tracking your QSO's for the different WAS awards used to be a problem, but not any more with QuickWAS!

Below is an example of QuickWAS tracking a Mixed WAS award for a user who is very active on many HF bands and modes:

QuickWAS screenshot


Below is the Summary Report for the above Mixed WAS map.  Since the user has selected the option to apply QSO's across all maps, for example when entering a 20 meter USB QSO with Alaska to the Mixed WAS map, this QSO will also be applied to the 20 Meter WAS map, the Phone WAS map and to the USB WAS map.  All of the above QSO's were entered using the Mixed WAS map only, but since user selected the option to apply QSO's to all applicable maps, the below Summary Report
(in two parts) reflects the user's standing for the 32 most common WAS certificates and endorsements:

QuickWAS Summary Report, Part 1 of 2

QuickWAS Summary Report, Part 2 of 2

After you have finished confirming all 50 states for any of the many WAS awards, you can then use QuickWAS to print out the 2 required forms needed for a submission ~ the "ARRL WAS Application Form" and a completed "WAS Record Sheet".

QuickWAS is now a FREE program and may be downloaded by clicking here.  If you find that QuickWAS is useful at your QTH and you would like to help reimburse the author for his time and effort, please do so using the Paypal donate button below, TNX!

73 de Bill ~ AA4M
Tucson,  Arizona,  USA

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