Neighborhood Photographs

All of the following photos were taken within one block of our home, but none of the photos are of anything that is actually on our property.  We hope you enjoy the pictures!

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A very nice example of a classic desert home.  This property is only two lots from ours.

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An ocotillo in late bloom.
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A palo verde in bloom.
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Oleanders grow BIG in Tucson!
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Yellow oleanders, the first we've seen!
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Cactus blooming next to the Indian Ruins.

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Two colors of flowers on one cactus plant!

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Blooms on a cholla cactus.  This is one of the nastiest of the Arizona cacti ~ check those thorns!

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Close-up of two colors of flowers on one cactus plant.
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Three colors of flowers on a single cactus plant!

You may use any of the above pictures for any purpose and may do so without giving me credit.  Note that these pictures have been downsized for those with slow connection speeds.  If you'd like copies of the original JPG pictures, send me an E-mail telling me which pictures you want and I'll be happy to send the original pictures to you at no charge!

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