Our Cape Coral Home
Landscaping Project

Completed:  October, 2001

From the time this effort was completed until we left Cape Coral in early 2004, some of the landscaping had to be changed.  For instance; the star jasmine in the shade did not survive, the dracena's did not do well, and the oleanders were attacked by caterpillars ~ these and other plants were replaced with hardier plants which subsequently did fine!

We hope you enjoy the pictures!

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To start, about 20 tons of river rock on plastic was removed, in its place is 12.2 cu. yards of shredded cypress.

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Two large Washingtonia palms were replaced with the two dwarf phoenix.
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Star jasmine in the shade, doesn't seem to want to bloom.
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Our "watch alligator" by the front door.
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The rock is coral ~ very appropriate in Cape Coral!

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Dwarf royal palm ~ won't get much bigger.
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Sago palm.
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The same sago palm ~ in bloom!
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A 40' palm was ruined during Tropical Storm Gabrielle, we replaced it with a baby royal palm.  This tree will be huge in about 50 years!  :)

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Another view of our new royal.
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2 young red oleanders.
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Areca palms.
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We added only 5 step stones during the job.
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7 star jasmine in full sun ~ they are blooming like crazy!

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3 new dracena's.

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