All of the below photographs are either of our Tawa Street property, or are pictures of sights which are visible from the property.  Note the beautiful deep blue desert sky in many of the pictures!  By the way, does the style of this home look familiar to you?  The architect's design was strongly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright!

We are diagonally across the street from the University of Arizona Indian Ruins.  In the spring of 2011, the university did some fieldwork at the ruins ~ click here to read about this effort.  April 9, 2012 we were given a quick tour of the grounds ~ click here to see three pictures we took on this tour.

Note that this page was originally published in 5/2004.  There have been many changes to the property during the following years but for the most part we've kept the pictures current.

We hope you enjoy our photographs!

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The quail is significant ~ the birds are all around the neighborhood!
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A functional waterway to the east of the guest house.
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The guest house as seen from NW of the property.  Click here if you are interested in staying in our guest house during your Tucson vacation.

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The left front of the house.
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The right side of the house.  Note that the main house has an evaporative cooler, as does the garage.
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Our large saguaro.
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The large saguaro about to bloom.
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Saguaro flowers.
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Mexican metal art on the right front of the house.

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We also have a carport for guests.  Note that at the left side of the carport there are two sheds as well as a nifty adobe alcove for the huge trash container.

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Both houses.  Note that it is not possible to photograph the entire width of both houses from directly in front without a special lens!

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Neighbor to the west ~ a very nicely maintained house and lot!
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Neighbor to the north ~ another nice house and lot!
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We are diagonally across the street from the University of Arizona Indian Ruins as seen from this picture.
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The Catalina Mountains behind the Indian Ruins.
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Our sidewalk, installed during 11/2010.
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A close-up of the new sidewalk's aggregate.
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Purple lantana around the sidewalk.
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This cactus is north of the guest house.  There are 13 large blooms on one small plant!

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To the west of the house are three large flowers on a tiny cactus!

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Double doors leading to the back yard.  The screens are to prevent damage from the aggressive Tucson woodpeckers.

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The backside of the same door.
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Fred & Fran Frog.  :)
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The guest house has central A/C, central gas heat, and a central evaporative cooler.
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Pools in Tucson must be separately fenced in order to protect children.
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Our pool, totally renovated in 2015.

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Mexican metal art
around the pool.
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Adobe wall . . .
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. . . to hide the pool equipment!
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Our spa ~ great for a warm soak on cool evenings.
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Re-landscaped back yard.
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Patio furniture was added late in 2004.
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Covered lanai to the left side.  Note that the home theater shutters are up.

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Lanai to the right side ~ the shutters are down for this picture.
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There are 17 flood lights around the houses, controlled by a single timed switch in
the main house.

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Another shed, this one is behind the garage.
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BIG dog run!
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We have a large double gate to our back yard, perfect for storing our boats and RV's . . . NOT!  :)
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The alley running beside our property.

You may use any of the above pictures for any purpose and may do so without giving me credit.  Note that these pictures have been downsized for those with slow connection speeds.  If you'd like copies of the original JPG pictures, send me an E-mail telling me which pictures you want and I'll be happy to send the original pictures to you at no charge!

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