Our Cape Coral Home
1724 SW 50th Terrace

July 23, 2003

We took possession of our Cape Coral, Florida home in July, 1998.  For a couple of years Bill spent a lot of his spare time re-landscaping the property.  Click here if you'd like to see the final result, which was completed October, 2001.

For reasons of health, it became necessary to sell and move to Arizona.  The photographs below were all taken on the date at the top of the page, which was during the same week we placed the home on the market.  This web page was very beneficial for prospective clients!  The real estate market was sluggish in mid-2003, but ultimately we did sell the home for a good price.  We left Cape Coral for our new home in Tucson, Arizona on February 17, 2004!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Left side as seen from the front of the house.

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Right side as seen from the front of the house.

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Big dock with 10,000 lb. lift.
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Pool cage.
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10,000 gallon pool.

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Lion head fountains.
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Left side of lanai.
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Right side of lanai.
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Left side of garage.
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Entry way.
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Living room.
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Bay window with window seat, and drapes to match sofa and love seat.

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Dining room.
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Master bedroom.
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Large walk-in closet, this is also the dog's bedroom.  :)

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Entry way to master bathroom.

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Home theater.
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Bonnie's sitting/computer room.

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Walk-in closet.

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Bill's computer room.

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Walk-in closet.

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Pool bathroom.

You may use any of the above pictures for any purpose and may do so without giving me credit.  Note that these pictures have been downsized for those with slow connection speeds.  If you'd like copies of the original JPG pictures, send me an E-mail telling me which pictures you want and I'll be happy to send the original pictures to you at no charge!

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