Welcome to our Tawa Street web page, featuring photos taken at or near our home on East Tawa Street in the Indian Ridge Estates subdivision of Tucson, Arizona.

Click here if you wish to see a satellite photograph of the subdivision with our property marked.  The large open area in the picture is the University of Arizona's historic Indian Ridge Hohokam Indian Ruins.  The University has an ongoing archeological effort in which they are restoring the ruins, excavating the artifacts, etc.  In October, 2008 there was a tour of the site given by the University, click here if you wish to read about this tour.

Our property consists of a 2,025 sq. ft. main house, a 947 sq. ft. guest house, and acre of land.  Because we've taken a great many pictures in and around our home, we've divided them into six distinct groups as shown below ~ enjoy the photos! 

Click here to see photos of the guest house ~ available for long term rental.

Click here to see photographs inside the main house.

Click here to see detailed pictures of the home theater inside the main house.

Click here if you would like to see pictures that were taken outdoors on our property.

Click here to see various shots taken within one block of our home.

Click here to see photos taken at or near our property after a rare desert snowstorm.

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